Need help with affordable Transitional housing?

As of 5/20/19 we are now again accepting new clients

We Are now accepting clients who are Stepping down from Detox and Substance Abuse Programs here in Scottsdale Arizona.

Offering sober, supportive and Structured living. 

What we have to offer

Affordable Rooms with manageable payment plans


Each room is 37$ a night. 

Sharing a room is up to the individual but will change the rate to 20$ per person.

Job finding Help


We are affiliated with many job placement agencies

Also we provide transportation to job fairs in the area

Whats expected of residents and Potential Clients


Although there is cleaners that come weekly we expect that clients keep all areas in a tidy manner.

There are other expectations as well that will be gone over during the initial interview for placement into the program.

Flexible Payment Plans


We will evaluate your current financial situation to best meet your payment needs.

Big News: CAIRNS TRANSITIONAL LIVING is now expanding its horizon and extending these services to anyone in need of transitional living assistance


After having a very small niche, Cairn's has opened its doors to a broader range of services. We are now open for business. 



Will I automatically have to share a room if Im accepted? 

Yes and no, depending on availability individual rooms may not be available but shared help with keeping costs low for the individual who might be trying to get back on their feet.


To provide transitional housing for individuals who need affordable transitional housing for the continuum of care after completing detox 

We offer pay by the day options and shared room discounts!

Why it's Necessary

Why its necessary?

 To help others in a difficult position in their lives with an affordable structured roof over their heads to help them get back to a place they want to be and achieve their goals.

How we Help

Cairns home offer 8-10 extremely comfortable Tempurpedic Beds.

(Not everyone will be expected to need all or any of these services they are put in place as an option to help)

The structure of the environment decreases as clients excel in the program (The success in the program is often directly correlated with individuals progress in recovery).

By graduation clients should be self sufficient. This includes but is not limited too:

  • Working a Job.
  • Buying their own groceries.
  • Responsible for personal hygiene
  • Realize living with out the ADDICTION  is not scary, rather fun, rewarding and full-filling.


What Cairns will NOT guarantee:.

  • Just as a CAIRN found in nature, it can merely guide one along the trail. The choice to adhere to the path is that of the hiker. 
  • Support and guidance however, is ALWAYS available.


A pile of rocks hikers stack either to guide the path of the trail, or to set out behind them as a guide to find their way back when exploring uncharted areas.

All donations to the nonprofit are tax deductible

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