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Need help with recovery from your or a loved ones Eating Disorder?

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Mission Statement

Arizona Local Non-profit 

To provide transitional housing for individuals who have received treatment at an eating disorder facility and are in need of an affordable and supportive step down living situation.  

the ultimate goal is eating disorder recovery

Why it's Necessary

85% of individuals with eating disorders relapse in the first TWO weeks after treatment.

Being in an environment that makes change measurable and attainable is KEY.

Support from others builds confidence and strength.

How we Help

Cairns home offer 8-10 extremely comfortable Tempurpedic Beds.

Each staff member is in solid recovery from an Eating Disorder.

The structure of the environment decreases as clients excel in the program (The success in the program is often directly correlated with individuals progress in recovery).

By graduation clients should be self sufficient. This includes but is not limited too:

  • Working a Job.
  • Buying their own groceries.
  • Responsible for personal hygiene
  • Realize living with out the Eating Disorder is not scary, rather fun, rewarding and full-filling.


What Cairns will NOT guarantee:

  • Force anyone to recover.
  • Just as a CAIRN found in nature, it can merely guide one along the trail. The choice to adhere to the path is that of the hiker. 
  • Support and guidance however, is ALWAYS available.

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Encouraging reintroduction into the workforce while providing a place to live for people transitioning from an eating disorder treatment program.  

We also provide a list of resourses or behavioral health programs available in the area.

Events & Activities


We do weekly fun activities with each other to promote recovery.

-Such as, hiking, going to the movies, art, gardening, meal outings and many more.

Community Info


We provide a listing of free/ low cost community activities, that allow for a sense of belonging and fulfillment.

Real Client Testimonials


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

You have questions, we have answers!


A pile of rocks hikers stack either to guide the path of the trail, or to set out behind them as a guide to find their way back when exploring uncharted areas.

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